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We will not tell you the usual story.

We will not tell you how many generations we have been producing oil.

We will not simply say "we have always done it this way".

What we want to tell you is what we do today and what drives us to produce the best Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil possible - and at a fair price.

Why we produce only high quality EVO oil.

Hai mai camminato tra i giganti alberi di olivi secolari? Sono alberi saggi, capolavori della natura, essenze che sembrano volerti dire cosa hanno visto, cosa hanno vissuto.

Uuuh ... if they could talk, who knows how many incredible stories they would tell!

For us it is an honor to be able to admire these nature’s work of art and to protect them every day.

This is why the well-being of our plants is our top priority.

We focus on the quality of the olives rather than the quantity to obtain the best extra virgin olive oil possible.

Where do our olives come from?

Italia Olio Canelli

We collect, select and press olives from our olive groves in Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany. 

L’oliveto in Puglia è monocultivar Peranzana e ci permette di produrre un Extra Vergine che manifesta tutti i sentori dell’oliva Peranzana: in particolare i toni erbacei e le sensazioni di carciofo e mandorla dolce.

In Sicily we have different types of olives. In particular, the Nocellara, Biancolilla and Siracusana olives with which we produce an extraordinary oil, with a tomato scent and herbaceous hints.

Olio Canelli trattore

A sustainable production.

Tradition and innovation.

Two worlds that seem so distant can actually coexist. Indeed, they must unite for a future that embraces sustainability.

Nei nostri oliveti utilizziamo un sistema di agricoltura smart che attraverso dei sensori e immagini satellitari ci permette di monitorare costantemente lo stato del terreno.

Doing so we minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides and save a lot of irrigation water.

Our commitment for the environment.

Reducing waste is only the first step. We go further.

We eliminated all non-recyclable material from our packaging and reduced the use of plastic to a minimum.

To clarify: we would like to eliminate it completely, but we are obliged to keep it in the caps of the cans and, by law, in the anti-topping caps. By law, yes.

Ma non solo: piantiamo un albero per ogni acquisto. Ma non un albero di olivo. Un albero nelle zone del Pianeta che ne hanno più bisogno, grazie a Treenation.

Nice to meet you, Olio Canelli here.

Luigi Canelli - founder and extra virgin olive oil sommelier

From Puglia and Sicily, he has always felt a strong call to the sea and nature in all its forms.

A call that led him to graduate in environmental engineering and pursue a career in renewables. The passion for oil was born as a child, when he heard the stories of a great peasant grandfather being told.

Luigi deals with many aspects of the company and follows the transformation process with particular attention, the most critical parts of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil production process.

olio canelli Nazario


Il cuore, gli occhi e le braccia del nostro oliveto in Puglia.

Nazario si prende cura degli alberi di olivo e delle olive.

His passion runs so deep that he even sacrifices his free time to make sure everything goes well.

Una colonna portante di Olio Canelli e siamo felici che faccia parte della nostra squadra.

Matteo Canelli

He takes care of our olive grove in Tuscany.

La sua storia con gli olivi è iniziata nel 1996 con gli oliveti di famiglia. Da allora si impegna a curare e rispettare gli alberi per ottenere olive sanissime.

Matteo establishes the best time for harvesting, which is essential for obtaining a quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Indeed, a unique Extra Virgin!


Adele Canelli

In Sicily she follows, with the same passion as her brothers Luigi and Matteo, the production of oil from the Iblei Mountains (Donna Iblea) in Canicattini Bagni (SR) and Verdello.

There the family has a historic citrus grove in the area where part of the land is also used for quality olive growing.

Many other people work with us to support us in the various stages of production.

Adele Canelli

In Sicily she follows, with the same passion as her brothers Luigi and Matteo, the production of oil from the Iblei Mountains (Donna Iblea) in Canicattini Bagni (SR) and Verdello.

Her husband's family has a historic citrus grove in the area where we have exploited part of the land and used it for olive growing.

How we work?

From tree to oil: this is how our extra virgin olive oil is born.

On the fields

Our commitment begins in the fields: we take care of our lands and our trees as if they were part of us. Actually, thinking about it: they are part of us.

The harvest

We harvest the olives when they are in a premature or unripe state to maximize their potential and enhance the organoleptic characteristics of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Trasportiamo e lavoriamo le olive tra le 12 e le 24 ore al massimo dalla raccolta: in questo modo evitiamo che si attivino processi ossidativi e salvaguardiamo la massima qualità dell’olio.

At the mill

We cold-extract the oil and use only qualified oil mills (frantoi, in Italian). This is the most delicate phase: this is why we are always present during the process and we collaborate with the “frantoiano”to have the maximum quality control.


We store the oil in a controlled atmosphere and under vacuum. In this way we are able to keep the characteristics of this super food unaltered for as long as possible. Our extra virgin olive oil is tasty and genuine all year round. Promised.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil


From our best trees, we process the olives within 12 hours from the harvest.

Olio Canelli

Not-filtered oil following the Novello olive oil tradition of Puglia.

Donna Iblea

From our secular olive trees in Siracusa at 450 m above the sea level.


Extra Virgin olive oil and Verdello lemons from our groves in the Siracusa area.

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